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Taking a mental, mechanical and data driven approach to elevate the athlete’s intangibles, mentality, and movement efficiency in order to become faster, stronger, and more efficient.

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What We Do

Hitting Instruction

Taking a mechanical/data-driven approach to improve your hitting ability. Elevate your mechanical framework, hit the ball harder, drive the ball further and GET MORE HITS!

Base Running Instruction

Become a field general and take over your position! We break down mechanics and verbal cues to take your fielding to the next level!

Fielding Instruction

Swing sequentially, swing on plane with the pitch and swing with confidence. Get your team working cohesively. Lets dive into the finer details of where our sport is heading.

Mental Approach

What makes the best athletes tick? Gain confidence, become mentally tough and create extreme belief in your training and yourself.

Pitching Instruction

Break down film on some of the best pitchers in the world and implement proper kinematic sequencing to increase your velocity, accuracy, confidence and mound presence.

Team Consultation

Explosiveness and agility speed training behind proper mental cues guaranteed to give you an edge on the base paths and other parts of the field.

Coach James Fitzgerald
Bloomfield College Hitting Coach

Meet Coach James Fitzgerald

A native of northern New Jersey, James Fitzgerald has played and coached baseball for the majority of his life. His love and passion for the game has enabled him to achieve many accomplishments, but none greater than to pass his knowledge and love of the game onto others.

A former standout player at Kean University, Coach Fitzgerald is currently the hitting coach at Division II Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, NJ. Coach Fitzgerald enjoys working with younger players and elevating their game through positive feedback and instruction.

Player Development

Different Breed Training

Training Areas

Faster, stronger and more efficient. Hitting, fielding and pitching instruction as well as speed work and strength and conditioning specific to the sport.

Service Area

We are located in Bergen County, New Jersey and provide private baseball instruction in North Jersey, eastern PA and southern New York state.

Recruiting Assistance

With connections to colleges from all over the country, contact us for recruitment assistance such as college decision making, prospect recruitment videos & more…

Different Breed Training

What Makes Us Different?

The attention to detail in our hybrid style philosophy. Every swing is tracked to identify the specific deficiencies the hitter has providing a proper plan of attack. Metrics such as launch angles are tailor fit to put the hitter in the best position to succeed based on their specific average bat speed. Finally, providing the hitter with small attainable goals inside the batter’s box increases confidence. A confident hitter does not always succeed but an unconfident hitter will certainly fail.

Somewhere down the road mechanics replaced the importance of approach and now we see data overthrowing the importance of mechanics. All three aspects serve significant roles in hitting.

The Different Breed Training assessment begins as follows:


What Our Clients Say

"Different Breed brings more than just baseball knowledge; it brings passion and respect to the game and to each and every one of their clients. Different Breed enhances the coordination, body awareness, mechanics and most importantly mental approach to their hitters."
Coach Steven Mimms
Steven Mimms
Head Coach, Bergen Community College
"Different Breed changed my baseball career by giving me the direction and knowledge I needed to have a breakout year. Coach Fitz really helped me tie my hard work together by helping me turn my swing into the best it could possibly be, without any major mechanical changes. The numbers don’t lie…(.344 BA/.734 SLG%/ .488 OBP/ 8 HRs)"
Elvis Lopez
Elvis Lopez
Bloomfield College
"Different Breed elevated my game to a whole new level. Before training with Coach Fitz I was regarded as a “singles” hitter. After our first session I began driving the ball into the gaps with authority. I have become a threat at the plate with runners in scoring position. I would not be the player I am today without training with Different Breed. (.326 BA/.628 SLG%/.466 OBP/3 HRs)"
Javell Barnes
Javell Barnes
Bloomfield College

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First time customers will receive a free swing evaluation with slow-mo video & voice over analysis upon request.

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