What We Do

Hitting Instruction

Taking a mechanical/data-driven approach to improve your hitting ability. Elevate your
mechanical framework, hit the ball harder, drive the ball further and GET MORE HITS!
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Pitching Instruction

Break down film on some of the best pitchers in the world and implement proper kinematic sequencing to increase your velocity, accuracy, confidence and mound presence.
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Team Consultation

Swing sequentially, swing on plane with the pitch and swing with confidence. Get your team working cohesively. Schedule a clinic for your team and/or coaching staff and lets dive into the finer details of where our sport is heading.
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Fielding Instruction

Become a field general and take over your position! We break down mechanics and verbal cues to take your fielding to the next level!
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Base Running Instruction

Explosiveness and agility speed training behind proper mental cues guaranteed to give you an edge on the base paths.
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Mental Approach

What makes the best athletes tick? Gain confidence, become mentally tough and create extreme belief in your training.
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About Different Breed Training

Our Company

Taking a mental, mechanical and data driven approach to elevate the athlete’s intangibles, mentality and movement efficiency.

About Us

Instructional Areas

Faster, stronger and more efficient. Hitting, fielding and pitching instruction as well as speed work and strength and conditioning specific to the sport.

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What Makes Us Different?

“It is more than just a one hour experience, you as a trainer genuinely care and check up on your guys. Other trainers make it difficult to get feedback from. With you it is like you are waiting for us to check in.”

~ Chris Navarro Division I Player, Monroe Community College

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Have a Baseball or Softball Team in the Tri-County Area?

Different Breed Training provides team training services that target player development & skill enhancement in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania. Contact us today!

Get A Free Swing Evaluation

First time customers will receive a free swing evaluation with slow-mo video & voice over analysis upon request.