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Improve Your mental toughness

We dive into the minds of the greatest athletes to ever compete (Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, and Bruce Lee). We look into what made these athletes tick.

We spend a lot of time talking about approach and what to look for in specific counts in the at bat. We train our athletes to become disciplined and to take advantage of all opportunities that cross their path.

It goes much farther than baseball. We implement the work ethic to be successful in all aspects of life.

Anybody would agree that in order to play this sport and be successful you need to be mentally tough. The issue is that very few know how to incorporate a tough mental approach which is why we see less than 7% of 482,629 high school players go on to play in college.

Being mentally tough does not ensure you will win but if you are not it likely ensures you will lose.

Our mental toughness strategy is simple. If preparation builds confidence and confidence produces results then we need to create an extreme belief in our training & preparation.

The Different Breed mentality stems from our mental toughness. Playing this sport at a high level, nonetheless, an elite level is not a small task. Baseball is a game of failure. We are not ignorant to this so we take pride in controlling the controllable aspects. We train religiously and we train hard. Hard work is not for everyone, but neither is playing time.

Gain A Competitive Edge with Different Breed Training

Improve your baseball skillset by getting one-on-one personalized instruction from a former D-II player and current college hitting coach. Serving the Bergen County, North Jersey area and surrounding states.

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