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Serving Bergen County, North Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and southern New York, Different Breed Training provides elite level baseball training to coaches and players of all ages. Give us a call to learn more.

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The Different Breed hitting philosophy is simple… THE BEST HITTERS GET HITS. How do we ensure that we are giving ourselves the best chance of making contact and getting hits?



We use position specific drills to enhance our athletes skill set. What sets our training apart from the rest is the implementation of hand-eye coordination, reflex and footwork training.



Pitching, like hitting, is a combination of good efficient movement backed up by a solid approach. Pitching is far more than throwing the baseball. We focus on proper mechanics and strategy.


Base Running

Base running is not conditioning. Base running is a skill. You do not need to be fast in order to steal bases and if you are fast it does not ensure you can steal a base. Different Breed Training offers advanced strategies and mechanics to give the athlete an edge when base running.


Mental Approach

We dive into the minds of the greatest athletes to ever compete (Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, Bruce Lee). We look into what made these athletes tick.


Team Consultation & Recruiting

It is important to learn the latest trends in hitting metrics and training routines. We provide a numerical grading system built around the athletes tools in order to give the coach an accurate representation of their true skill set.

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