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Teach Based on Position Played

We use position specific drills to enhance our athletes skill set. What sets our training apart from the rest is the implementation of hand-eye coordination, reflex and footwork training. We put our athletes in uncomfortable situations to train the brain and central nervous system to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

Fielding is one of the 5 major tools of baseball. Different Breed Training puts major emphases on fielding our position to the best of our capability. The focus is to treat every practice repetition like a game situation. We challenge our fielders by putting them in an uncomfortable atmosphere to simulate game-like situations. We make practice difficult and stressful so that come game time our athletes are prepared for whatever comes their way.

Gain A Competitive Edge with Different Breed Training

Improve your baseball skillset by getting one-on-one personalized instruction from a former D-II player and current college hitting coach. Serving the Bergen County, North Jersey area and surrounding states.

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