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Baseball is a sport of explosiveness. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FAST TO BE EXPLOSIVE!

Our body is made up of 2 different muscle fibers. Slow twitch muscle fibers are the first to contract. These fibers are most effective in exercises requiring endurance such as long distance running/swimming.

Fast twitch muscle fibers are broken into 2 different categories:

  • Fast twitch (Type II a) are referred to as Moderate Fast twitch. Type II a fibers are contracted for power exercises requiring weight, not of minimal or maximum effort. They are fast in contraction and more resistant to fatigue.
  • Fast twitch (Type II b) is used for high intensity and low endurance exercises, maximal lifts and short sprints.

Different Breed Training focuses on executing short explosive movements in order to build a players speed and quickness. Base running is not conditioning. Base running is a skill. You do not need to be fast in order to steal bases and if you are fast it does not ensure you can steal a base.

Different Breed Training offers advanced strategies and mechanics to give the athlete an edge when base running. Running on the base paths is a mixture of science and psychology. We will implement different strategies and “tells” for when to swipe that bag and ensure the best chance of being safe, contributing to the team. We also implement short burst explosiveness to train our fast twitch muscle fibers.

It is most important to work explosiveness, for baseball is sport built off of quick movements. Short sprints, footwork, agility and acceleration are the focal points for base running training.

Gain A Competitive Edge with Different Breed Training

Improve your baseball skillset by getting one-on-one personalized instruction from a former D-II player and current college hitting coach. Serving the Bergen County, North Jersey area and surrounding states.

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