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The Best Hitters Get Hits.

How do we ensure that we are giving ourselves the best chance of making contact and getting hits? We start by establishing the hitter’s baseline using slow-mo video analysis and hitting metrics such as bat speed, peak hand speed and attack angle.

This type of analysis captures aspects of the swing that the human eye could miss. We break down and decipher efficient movements from inefficient movements and begin to implement drills and mechanics for instant results.

We implement what is useful, discard what is inefficient and maintain what is specifically YOUR OWN.

The use hitting metrics makes tracking the hitter’s progress better than ever. Where coaches and players go wrong is they rely solely on hitting metrics to enhance their skills. “Hitting the ball hard” without any kind of proper movement sequencing is ultimately futile. We are in an era of 3 styles of coaching: technological, movement and old school hitting focal points.

The coaches focusing on technology and hitting metrics are thinking from a data driven approach and worry less about how the body is producing these numbers.

The coaches who focus on proper movements tend to care less about the data involved because they rely on how the swing looks and feels.

Finally, the coaches who are stuck in old school hitting philosophies are falling behind. These coaches resent new school baseball and are not taking advantage of modern day technology and information.

Different Breed Training is a hybrid of both movement and data driven philosophies. Both styles go hand in hand. Only focusing on data will produce a great batting practice hitter and only focusing on good sequential movement will cheat the athlete of his/her full potential. By creating a program focused on merging these two philosophies we back up good sequential movement with data, ultimately producing efficiency.

Gain A Competitive Edge with Different Breed Training

Improve your baseball skillset by getting one-on-one personalized instruction from a former D-II player and current college hitting coach. Serving the Bergen County, North Jersey area and surrounding states.

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